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The Mojave Desert Land Trust

Mojave Desert Land Trust
A non-profit, charitable organization whose mission is to preserve large natural areas of the Mojave Desert by reducing the number of privately-owned land parcels, called inholdings, within park boundaries. Reducing inholdings decreases fragmentation of the park lands, preserves intact ecosystems, and allows park visitors to utilize more lands within park boundaries.

Since 2006, the Mojave Desert Land Trust has acquired more than 250 inholding parcels totaling 14,000+ acres within the desert national parks—Joshua Tree National Park, Mojave National Preserve and Death Valley National Park—through purchase or trade. Acquired inholdings are then donated to the National Park Service. More than 1,000 inholdings remain in these three desert parks.

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Mojave National Preserve Conservancy

A new non-profit, charitable organization dedicated to preserving, protecting and promoting the unique natural beauty, ecological integrity, and rich cultural history of Mojave National Preserve; and to building a community dedicated to the enduring stewardship of Mojave National Preserve.

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