• An explosion of light as the sun strikes the waters of the Missouri National Recreational River


    National Recreational River SD,NE

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Stay Connected

Learn what is happening at Missouri National Recreational River (MNRR). We want to connect with you, and keep you connected to us, by meeting you at the places you are currently at, and where you expect us to be. Found out more below.


Follow MissouriRecNPS on Twitter and receive updates on breaking news in the park, social events, and "what is happening now". We use Twitter as a one-way communication tool only.


Missouri National Recreational River has a
Facebook Page. Here, you will be able to share with others your experiences along the MNRR, learn what is happening in the park, see amazing photos and get important updates in a matter of moments.

ITunes & Podcasts
The National Park Service has posted several podcasts for your viewing. Search for "National Park Service" at www.iTunes.com.

In the very near future Missouri National Recreational River's staff will begin blogging. Our goal will be to give you a view of the park through our own experiences living and working in one of the world's most beautiful places. A unique perspective is sure to be shared. Stay tuned!

Did You Know?

Missouri River by Ponca State Park

At 2,320.7 miles the Missouri is America's longest river. It is 2.5 miles longer than the Mississippi River.