• An explosion of light as the sun strikes the waters of the Missouri National Recreational River


    National Recreational River SD,NE

Park Statistics

Missouri National Recreational River

  • Lower 59-mile reach (Gavins Point Dam to Ponca, Nebraska: November 10, 1978
  • Upper 39-mile reach (Fort Randal Dam to Running Water, SD; also includes 20 miles of the lower Niobrara River and 8 miles of Verdigre Creek): May 24, 1991

Gross Area Acres for FY 2010 -- 69,000
Total acres, NPS managed area -- 350

FY 2007 Annual Budget: $552,000
FY 2008 Annual Budget: $635,000
FY 2009 Annual Budget: $834,000
FY 2010 Annual Budget: $1,032,000

Total Recreation Visits for FY 2006 -- 167,960
Total Recreation Visits for FY 2007 -- 145,767
Total Recreation Visits for FY 2008 -- 162,086
Total Recreation Visits for FY 2009 -- 186,313
Total Recreation Visits for FY 2010 -- 167,301

National Park Service Visitation Statistics
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Did You Know?

Prairie Dog

Sergeant John Ordway--not Lewis, not Clark--gave the name "prairie dog" to the animal then new to science. Expedition members discovered it along what is now the 39-mile reach of Missouri National Recreational River. More...