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Upper St. Anthony Falls Lock and Dam

US Army Corps of Engineers
1 Portland Avenue Minneapolis, MN 54401

Children on an excursion boat watch their ship enter the locks.

Students on the NPS-sponsored program "Journey to the Falls" experience "locking through" firsthand  at the Upper St. Anthony Falls Lock and Dam.


The dream of traveling north of St. Anthony Falls on the Mississippi River was made possible when Congress approved the Upper Minneapolis Harbor Development Project in 1937. This project included the construction of the Upper St. Anthony Falls Lock and Dam that was completed in 1963.

With a lift of 49 feet, the lock at St. Anthony Falls accounts for more than 10% of the total height change of the Mississippi River between the Twin Cities and St. Louis, MO. The Army Corps of Engineers also operates an observatory on this site. This Lock and Dam along with the Lower St. Anthony Falls Lock and Dam allow navigation to the head of the Mississippi River's 9-foot channel and spans the remnants of the Mississippi River's only waterfall.

Activities: The Upper St. Anthony Falls Lock and Dam offers tours of the facilities to scheduled groups.

Contact Information: Call the Upper St. Anthony Falls Lock and Dam at (612) 333-5336. To arrange for a tour, call (877) 552-1416.



Did You Know?

The wide Mississippi River

At Lake Onalaska, near LaCrosse WI, the Mississippi River is about 4 miles wide. The combination of water held behind Lock and Dam #7 and water held by damming the Black River form this broad reach of the Mississippi River.