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Map 1: Northern Suburbs

North of the Twin Cities the Mississippi River is designated as a state wild and scenic river, as is the Rum River. You can see untouched islands and a river that begins to slow as it approaches the pool above the Coon Rapids Dam in the Coon Rapids Regional Park (East and West).

The Mississippiand Rum Rivers converge in this area where trails connect a number of parks and historic sites. The trails go through mostly residential areas in order to make those connections, but ultimately you can experience remote areas of the river in its riverfront parks.

The history of Anoka and the confluence of the rivers is well documented at both Peninsula Point Two Rivers Historical Park and Akin Riverside Park. Trails wind through both of these parks as well as Mississippi River Community Park and let you touch the edge of the water. The trails are only a short ride or walk from the quaint atmosphere of downtown Anoka, where you can also reach the Rum River Spillway and handicap accessible dock.

View and print the Northern Suburbs map (PDF) and trail notes.

Akin Riverside Park
City, county, and regional parks dot the shores of the Mississippi National River and Recreation Area corridor. Akin Riverside Park (above) has many exhibits detailing the development and history of the Anoka area.

Did You Know?

Mississippi River Watershed

The Mississippi River Basin, or watershed, drains 41% of the continental United States including 31 states and 2 Canadian provinces.