MRC Map 8: Riverfront Regional Park

MRC: Riverfront Regional Park Segment

River mile: 860 - 857

The river changes below the I-694 Bridge (860.4): it's wider and straighter, and the view of the downtown Minneapolis skyline downstream is stunning. The river's last rapids are little more than riffles in this reach.

Most of the shoreline in this stretch is parkland and trails. The Anoka County Riverfront Regional Park (859 to 860.5 E) includes a boat ramp, picnic areas, and the Riedel Farm Estate, a farmhouse built in the 1880s and now used for special events.

Along the west bank, North Mississippi Regional Park (858 to 860.5 W) occupies almost the entire shoreline. The Carl W. Kroening Visitor Center offers a variety of programs. The trails link to Shingle Creek Parkway and Victory Memorial Parkway near the Camden Bridge.

The 50.1 miles of breathtaking Grand Rounds Bike Trails in Minneapolis takes you around lakes and creeks, through historic neighborhoods, past urban golf courses and expansive parks, and over and alongside the great Mississippi River (maps 8 to 12).

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River Miles
860 N 45.063843 W 93.284389
859 N 45.050679 W 93.280657
858 N 45.035931 W 93.282420
N 45.021979 W 93.277695

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