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Mississippi River Forum

The Mississippi River Forum is intended to increase coordination between a multidisciplinary group of practitioners and decision-makers who are not consistently aware that related work is being done by others. The Forum is also an opportunity for practitioners to connect their work to those in different fields who also impact the quality of the river.
Upcoming Events

"Live from the Storm Drain: Monitoring Stormwater Pollution in Minneapolis"
Friday, September 26 from 8:00 - 11:00 a.m.
Udai Singh and Brian Jastram
Mississippi Watershed Management Organization
2522 Marshall Street NE, Minneapolis, MN 55418

Light refreshments provided. Free.
Due to tour capacity constraints, pre-registration is requested.
RSVP to Lark Weller at lark_weller@nps.gov or 651-293-8442.

Drinking water and sanitary wastewater are critical components of our water lives, and Mississippi River Forum participants have had the recent opportunity to tour drinking water treatment plants and wastewater treatment facilities. Stormwater--the water that runs over land during storms or after a winter thaw--is a third critical component. However, stormwater is not treated before it enters waterbodies like the Mississippi River, and we don't often know what kind of pollution, specifically, is in this runoff. The Mississippi Watershed Management Organization (MWMO) has a unique monitoring program to help determine what's in the stormwater entering the Mississippi River. Come learn how the MWMO is monitoring stormwater pollution, and visit one of its outfall monitoring sites on the river. Don't miss this opportunity to see a cutting-edge monitoring program first-hand!

PLEASE NOTE: Participants will meet at MWMO's offices for an initial presentation. In order to reduce pavement runoff, there are only 15 parking spots in the MWMO parking lot, so please be prepared to utilize street parking if you drive to the meeting. After the presentation at MWMO, those interested in touring a stormwater outfall will carpool to the site. Access to the site requires walking on uneven surfaces and hillsides, and the tour will take place rain or shine. If you have mobility concerns, please contact Lark Weller at lark_weller@nps.gov or 651-293-8442. Those choosing to join the tour will be asked to carpool with others to the site from MWMO's offices.

The Mississippi River Forum is made possible by the generous support of the Mississippi River Fund and the McKnight Foundation.

Did You Know?

A flooded street in 1952

In 1952, the Mississippi River flooded hundreds of acres of farmland and multiple cities. Over 2,000 families were homeless because of the high water. More...