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Mississippi River Forum

The Mississippi River Forum is intended to increase coordination between a multidisciplinary group of practitioners and decision-makers who are not consistently aware that related work is being done by others. The Forum is also an opportunity for practitioners to connect their work to those in different fields who also impact the quality of the river.
Upcoming Events

Sixth Annual Mississippi River Forum Workshop
Friday, May 30 from 8:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.
Science Museum of Minnesota
120 West Kellogg Boulevard, St. Paul, 55102

Breakfast provided. Registration is free, but is requested in advance.
RSVP to lark_weller@nps.gov or 651-293-8442.

Network with others and enjoy the following presentations:
-The Mystery of the Cottonwoods
-Sentinels for Clean Water: What Bald Eagle Nestlings Can Tell us about the Health of Our Environment

The keynote address, Science and Policy in a Modern World: Chaos or Order?, will be given by
Dr. Michael Osterholm
University of Minnesota, Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy

Thank you to the Mississippi River Fund and the McKnight Foundation for their support of this program.

The Mississippi River Forum is made possible by the generous support of the Mississippi River Fund and the McKnight Foundation.

Did You Know?

The wide Mississippi River

At Lake Onalaska, near LaCrosse WI, the Mississippi River is about 4 miles wide. The combination of water held behind Lock and Dam #7 and water held by damming the Black River form this broad reach of the Mississippi River.