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Mississippi River Forum

The Mississippi River Forum is intended to increase coordination between a multidisciplinary group of practitioners and decision-makers who are not consistently aware that related work is being done by others. The Forum is also an opportunity for practitioners to connect their work to those in different fields who also impact the quality of the river.
Upcoming Events

Where Does it Go When I Flush?
Friday, July 25 from 8:00-10:00 a.m.
St. Cloud Wastewater Treatment Facility
525-60th Street South, St. Cloud, 56301

Light refreshments provided. RSVP to Lark Weller at lark_weller@nps.gov or 651-293-8442.

Did you know that when you Google "where does all the," "where does all the poop go" comes up as the fourth auto-fill option? Clearly, people want to know what happens to our sanitary waste once we're done with it. This is your chance to find out! The treatment of everything we flush or send down a drain is an essential, yet often overlooked, part of our daily lives. We didn't always treat the water leaving our homes and businesses, and the Mississippi River suffered greatly as a result. Floating mats of waste made the river virtually uninhabitable for fish and other wildlife, and the river was certainly not the recreational asset we can enjoy today. Join us for this special tour of our communities' wastewater treatment facilities, and learn how water from your home is treated before being returned to the Mississippi River!

Please note that participants should meet at the Wastewater Treatment Facility itself.

The Mississippi River Forum is made possible by the generous support of the Mississippi River Fund and the McKnight Foundation.

Did You Know?

Coon Rapids Dam

Over 600 men worked around the clock using hand tools, horses and coal powered shovels to build the original Coon Rapids Dam in 1913. The dam was rebuilt between 1995 and 1997.