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"Carpzilla: Is the Mississippi River in Minnesota next?"

John Anfinson, Chief of Resource Management. National Park Service-Mississippi National River and Recreation Area
Tim Schlagenhaft, Principal Planner. MN Dept. of Natural Resources

It's summertime in Minnesota, and for many of us, that means long days on our favorite water body fishing, boating, and swimming. But those who have heard horror stories (or seen video) of giant leaping fish in the South and elsewhere in the Midwest have good reason to fear for these summer days of idyll. Invasive Asian carps are headed our way, and a network of federal, state, and local partners are working to prevent their establishment in the Mississippi River in Minnesota-and their management if (more likely, "when,") they do make it here.

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Did You Know?

Coon Rapids Dam

Over 600 men worked around the clock using hand tools, horses and coal powered shovels to build the original Coon Rapids Dam in 1913. The dam was rebuilt between 1995 and 1997.