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(Actinonaias ligamentina) Lamarch, 1819
A Mucket mussel
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Other Common Names:
Grass mucket, brass mucket, steamboat mucket.
Can be found in gravel or a mixture of gravel and sand in medium to larger rivers such as the Mississippi River.
Up to 7 inches (17.8 cm).
Outer Shell Color:
Yellowish brown to brown with green rays, larger shells are of darker brown.
Inner Shell Color:
White, somtimes with a tinge of pink or salmon, has rainbow color towards the end farthest from where the two halves meet.
Shell Thickness:
Shell Outline:
Longer than it is wide. The end closest to where the two halves meet is round, while the opposite end is bluntly pointed.
Shell Surface:
Scientific Description:
Heavy, suboval, yellow or brown shell with green rays. No mantle flap.
Similar Looking Mussels:
Host Fish:
12 mostly widespread and common.
Widespread and locally abundant.
Minnesota State Listing:
Federal Listing:

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