Mississippi River Forum: Minimal Impact Design Standards

Julie Westerlund, Minnehaha Watershed District and Co-chair of the Low Impact Development Team of the MN Stormwater Steering Committee

Participants of the Mississippi River Forum kick-off workshop in April heard about how land use is impacting Minnesota's water resources. This an update to that discussion. Earlier this year, Minnesota updated its approach to managing stormwater by passing legislation that directs the Pollution Control Agency to "develop performance standards, design standards, and other tools" to enable and promote improved stormwater management and better protect Minnesota's water resources. The result is MIDS - Minimal Impact Design Standards.

Presentation (PDF, 6.85mb)

Additional Resources:

  • Minimal Impact Design Standards (MIDS) fact sheet (PDF, 395kb)
  • National Research Council's Report in Brief: Urban Stormwater Management in the United States (PDF, 403kb). The full report may be ordered from the National Research Council.
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