Mississippi River Forum: Kick-off Event

Presentation Notes and Documents

Barbara Peichel
, MN Pollution Control Agency

Minnesota's Impaired Waters: Upper Mississippi River Bacteria TMDL Project (PDF)

Kathy Lee, US Geological Survey-MN Water Science Center

Organic Wastewater Chemicals in Aquatic Environments: With a Focus on Endocrine Active Chemicals. Presentation not available.

Bill Route, National Park Service

Monitoring Persistent Contaminants in Bald Eagles (PDF)

Don Berger, MN Pollution Control Agency

Connections between Land Use and Water Quality (PDF)
Handout: A conservation design development prototype in Hanover, MN (PDF)
Spreadsheet: Impervious cover trends and sort by basin (XLS)

Logos of the Mississippi Park Connection, NPS, and the McKnight Foundation

This series is made possible by the generous support
of the
Mississippi Park Connection
and the McKnight Foundation.

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