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Scholarship Information

Each year scholarships are available for qualifying schools. The funds reduce the cost per student from $8.93 to $3.93 on Big River Journey field trips.

To qualify for scholarship funds, schools must have:

  • at least 50% participation in free/reduced lunch program, and/or;
  • student enrollment of students of color at or greater than 50%.

If interested in receiving scholarship funds, indicate it on the registration form.
Scholarships will be allocated to qualifying schools. Scholarships are not granted until we have received a statement from your school's principal identifying the basis of your eligibility, and you have received back from us a letter confirming your scholarship.

For Further Information:
Brian Goodspeed (e-mail) or call (651) 293-8414.

Did You Know?

Coon Rapids Dam

Over 600 men worked around the clock using hand tools, horses and coal powered shovels to build the original Coon Rapids Dam in 1913. The dam was rebuilt between 1995 and 1997.