• Underground Delta-01 LCC, 44th Missile Wing/66th Strategic Missile Wing logos, topside view of Delta-09 LF

    Minuteman Missile

    National Historic Site South Dakota

Things To Know Before You Come

Ellsworth Air Force Base Archives

Tickets are given out, in person at the Visitor Center, on a first come, first served basis, the day of the tour. Tickets and spaces are limited. It is best to arrive early to request tickets, if you would like to visit the underground Launch Control Center. The elevator that takes you 31 feet underground, can hold approximately 6 visitors at a time. For safety and security, we do not allow bags or purses of any size on our tours. Cameras are welcome.

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Everyone must be physically able to climb two fifteen foot vertical ladders unassisted in an emergency situation.


To go on the underground portion, the Launch Control Center, of the tour everyone must be able to climb two (2) fifteen foot ladders, for a total of 30 feet.

All participants of the underground portion must also be above 40 inches tall.

This is in case of emergencies so everyone will be able to safely exit the underground portion of the tour.

Did You Know?

Signing of the START treaty

Delta-01 and Delta-09 were selected for preservation because they were the most typical and least altered from the original 1961 Minuteman missile configuration.