• Underground Delta-01 LCC, 44th Missile Wing/66th Strategic Missile Wing logos, topside view of Delta-09 LF

    Minuteman Missile

    National Historic Site South Dakota

Ranger-Guided Tour of Delta-01

Visitors listen to former missileer Al Martens on an Open House tour

Visitors listen to former missileer Al Martens on a tour of Delta-01


Guided Tour (Visit Delta-01)

Visitors receive a Ranger-guided tour of the living area and security control center in the topside Launch Control Facility. You will then head down 31 feet to the Launch Control Center and see where the men and women of the US Air Force helped to protect their nation by staffing similar sites across the Upper Great Plains Region.

The length of the tour is approximately 30 minutes. Visitors can obtain tickets on a first-come, first served basis at the visitor center. Click here for Directions

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