• Underground Delta-01 LCC, 44th Missile Wing/66th Strategic Missile Wing logos, topside view of Delta-09 LF

    Minuteman Missile

    National Historic Site South Dakota

Annual Reports

Superintendent's Annual Reports


Maintenance, Facility Management and Development; Carl Engwall

  • - Facility management continues to be a challenging ongoing task in maintaining six facilities, four of which date back to 1962. Four PMIS/PEPC projects; Delta 01 capsule paint project, restoration of Delta 01 entrance doors, restoration of outdoor fuel storage tank, and repair/sealing of the Delta 01 parking lot are all approved, funded and scheduled for completion in FY13. The painting of the capsule is scheduled for completion before Christmas. The addition of a second seasonal added great value in preserving these historic facilities, grounds, and amenities to MIMI's 74K visitor base.
  • - The new 7.4K sq foot visitor center is proceeding as planned. A pre-bid meeting was conducted, and vendor facility construction bids are in progress. Breaking ground on the new facility is estimated to start April 2013. In anticipation of construction, MIMI installed a 2,000 foot long 4-strand fence to separate the visitor center construction area from existing cattle grazing lands. The full transfer of the new visitor center property from National Service possession to NPS is at the Federal level awaiting approval. Several meetings at MIMI were held with MWR architects, engineers and experts to move this delayed project forward. Fortunately, the project is back on-track and scheduled for completion in April 2014. Facility Manager Mr. Carl Engwall will be the Contractor Representative for the estimated $4+ million dollar project.
  • - The Forest Service property adjacent to Delta 01 (future visitor parking lot/fire suppression water system storage tank/vault toilet) was surveyed and an archeological examination is in progress to determine the feasibility and transfer of ownership from Forest Service to NPS. The new parking lot is sorely needed to reduce wear & tear on Delta's 01 roadway and to accommodate recreational vehicles, trailers and overflow parking. After completion of the new visitor center and installation of new interstate road signs MIMI expects visitation to double or even triple. MWR will need to reevaluate staffing requirements to meet new MIMI visitor demands.
  • - MIMI continues to be forward looking and has commenced to use Capital Investment Strategy techniques to identify, plan, prioritize, fund and repair Preventive Maintenance (PMs) areas needing future maintenance. PMIS projects such as painting the inside of the missile silo (Delta 9), installing cathodic protection devices to reduce unground corrosion of the missile silo and Launch Control Capsule, restoration of the Peacekeeper armored trucks, installation of an external fire suppression water system tank to name a few. One strategy initiative was the procurement of a zero-turn 50" cut lawn mower. Low center of gravity coupled with zero-turn maneuverability will improve and enhance future mowing operations, and ensure personnel safety (rollover) around uneven terrains.
  • - MIMI created and implemented a Modified Environmental Management System (MEMS) plan. Initial/monthly training is conducted with all MIMI staff, and inspection measures/processes in place to help conserve and reduce NPS environmental impacts. Three goals were established and completed by the end of the FY12, i.e., Delta 1 hazardous waste disposal, collection of 500+ pounds of recyclables, and finally, Chlorofluorocarbon (CFC's) removed from Delta 1. The facility manager created a complete Job Safety Training Plan for all maintenance seasonals, originated a lawn mowing operator Job Hazard Analysis Plan, and updated/tracked other mandated/compliance NPS programs. A new inventory of equipment, tools, and other items was completed to help maintain, track and keep MIMI's inventory accountable and up to date. Annual/quarterly inspections i.e., facility Fire Suppression System, Elevator, Fire Extinguisher were all performed ensuring facility integrity, guaranteeing public safety and enriching public interpretations of their NPS experience at MIMI.
  • - A new parking lot was created at the Minuteman silo (Delta 09) and increased parking spaces by 300%. This project significantly added the margin of safety for busses and larger recreational vehicles to safely turn around without backing up, and decreased visitor exposure to vehicles crossing roadways. Existing parking curbs were procured from a sister park and MIMI incurred no expenses for the new project.
  • - Facility manager closed three audit findings of eradicating all hazardous waste materials left over from the Air Force, evacuated all refrigerants CFC's from the historic site, and ensured all related MSDS's were updated guaranteeing a reliable Hazardous Materials Management program.
  • - Facility Manager completed four week long Training seminars; Facility Management Software System (FMSS), Principles of Federal Law, Micro Purchases Procedures, Environmental Management System (EMS), MWR IT training. He also completed in the first eight months over 89 hours towards the Individual Development Plan (IDP) requirements of 40. He is enrolled in a Master's degree program in Military History via American Military University. He has completed 15 semester hours towards completion. Mr. Engwall also periodically helps the interpretation side and briefs MIMI visitors. As MIMI's IT liaison, he will be testing and evaluating the new Goggle Applications for future NPS sustainability. Carl Engwall volunteered to help Badlands NP with the annual Bison round up. He process 126 bison in one day contributing BADL's largest and longest roundup ever in park history and contributed to 374 Bison being sent to four Native American Reservations.
  • - The maintenance team repaired several windows, screens, blown roof shingles, organized and centralized MIMI artifacts, acquired more Air Force Minuteman artifacts from Ellsworth Air Force Base, removed carpet from a Rapid City storage facilities saving over $1,000 annually in fees, added capsule tunnel overhead safety features to avoid visitor injury, maintained the integrity of seven vehicles (34K annual miles traveled), repaired damaged fences, maintained grounds, and ensured the smooth and successful operations of MIMI mission.

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