• The North Bridge, Concord MA.

    Minute Man

    National Historical Park Massachusetts

Natural Features & Ecosystems

Minute Man National Historical Park (park) supports a variety of habitats and natural features. Forests dominate the landscape, covering approximately 500 acres of the park, including about 200 acres of forested wetland. Non-forested wetlands, including several ponds, cover approximately 180 acres. Meadows and fields cover an additional 250 acres, including approximately 100 acres farmed under the park's agricultural leasing program. Shrubland also is present at the park, particularly at the interface of fields and forests. Developed areas, including roads, parking lots, and buildings, cover the remainder of the park.

Did You Know?

Daughters of Liberty

In the early years of the American Revolution, one way that colonial women aided the patriot cause was by refusing to purchase imported goods from Great Britain. Maintaining these non-importation agreements helped unite colonial resistance.