• View of Square Tower House, seen along the Mesa Top Loop

    Mesa Verde

    National Park Colorado

Bicycling Information


•Due to the steep nature of the park road, lack of shoulders and poor condition of the pavement, organized bicycle groups are prohibited.

•Bicycle riders must comply with all traffic regulations, ride in single file, and as far to the right side of the road as possible.

•Bicycles are not allowed on the Wetherill Mesa road.

•Bicycles may be ridden only on established public roads (except Wetherill Mesa road) and parking areas. Bicycles are not allowed on trails.

•Each bicycle must exhibit a white light on the front visible from 500 feet and a red light or reflector on the rear visible for 300 feet during periods of low visibility and in the tunnel.

•Bicycle riders may not be attached to or towed by a motor vehicle.

•No bicycle shall be used to carry more people at one time than it was designed and equipped to handle.

Did You Know?

Cliff Palace in the snow

Cliff Palace is the largest cliff dwelling at Mesa Verde National Park. It has 150 rooms, plus an additional 75 open areas. Twenty-one of the rooms are kivas, and 25 to 30 rooms have residential features. The number of Ancestral Puebloans living in Cliff Palace at any one time was 100 to 120.