• View of Square Tower House, seen along the Mesa Top Loop

    Mesa Verde

    National Park Colorado

Fire News

The 2013 summer season is shaping up to be very dry. The hot, dry, and breezy weather in June has resulted in extremely low fuel (vegetation) moistures throughout the park.

This page will provide park updates on any fire restrictions or other fire related information.



  • Campfires are allowed in established fire grates at Morefield Campground and the Chapin Mesa Picnic Area.
  • Smoking is permitted outside, except within cliff dwellings and other archeological sites.
  • Please be careful with any fire source.

07/31/13 - Fire Restrictions Have Been Lifted for all Areas of Mesa Verde National Park

The park has received some significant rain showers over the last two weeks that have reduced the fire danger in much of the park. Chapin Mesa has received smaller amounts, so if fire danger increases again later in the season, restrictions may once again be implemented. Check back here for updates.


07/18/13 - Changes to Fire Restrictions in Mesa Verde National Park

Fire restrictions have been lifted from the park entrance to the Far View area, including Morefield Campground, the Far View Lodge, and other developed areas. Fires within constructed permanent fire pits or fire grates within developed recreations sites are again allowed in these areas. Please make sure that smoking is limited to areas that are barren or cleared of all flammable materials.

The fire ban remains in effect south of the Far View area, including Chapin and Wetherill Mesas. These areas have received significantly less rain and remain at a higher fire danger level. Smoking (outside a vehicle) and open fires continue to be prohibited in these areas.


06/29/13 - Fire Restrictions in Mesa Verde National Park

Fire danger levels are now at "very high" in Mesa Verde National Park. The following fire restrictions take effect on Saturday, June 29, 2013:
♦ No open fires are permitted within Mesa Verde National Park
♦ No smoking is permitted outside of a vehicle within Mesa Verde National Park

This restriction includes all areas and residences within the park. Pressurized gas stoves are permitted at Morefield Campground and Chapin Mesa picnic area. Smoking is permitted only inside enclosed vehicles.

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Did You Know?

View of mesas

The Ancestral Puebloans inhabited Mesa Verde for more than 700 years (550 A.D. to 1300 A.D.), but for the first six centuries, they primarily lived on the mesa tops. It was not until the final 75 to 100 years that they constructed and lived in the cliff dwellings for which Mesa Verde is known.