• View of Square Tower House, seen along the Mesa Top Loop

    Mesa Verde

    National Park Colorado

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  • Fire Restrictions in Effect

    Due to recent hot, dry, and windy conditions, the park is currently at very high fire danger. The following fire restrictions are in effect: No open fires are permitted anywhere within the park. Smoking is only permitted inside an enclosed vehicle. More »

Reptiles, Amphibians, and Fish


Yellow-headed collared lizard
Speckled earless lizard
Great Basin sagebrush lizard
Northern plateau lizard
Northern tree lizard
Northern side-blotched lizard
Mountain short-horned lizard
Plateau whiptail lizard
Two-lined skink
Wandering garter snake
Desert striped whipsnake
Western smooth green snake
Great Basin gopher snake
New Mexico milk snake
Mesa Verde night snake
Prairie (Western) rattlesnake (possibly other subspecies as well)



Utah tiger salamander (nearly extirpated)
Rocky Mountain (Woodhouse’s) toad
Red-spotted toad
Hammond’s spadefoot toad (possibly in Mancos Canyon)
Northern leopard frog (extirpated from park)
Boreal chorus frog



Colorado pikeminnow (Endangered, extirpated, not reintroduced)
Razorback sucker (Endangered, extirpated, not reintroduced)
Flannelmouth sucker (nearly extirpated, supplemental reintroduction)
Bluehead sucker (nearly extirpated, supplemental reintroduction)
Roundtail chub (extirpated and reintroduced)
Speckled dace Mottled sculpin (not confirmed, single brief visual record in river bed)
Green sunfish (exotic, invasive)
Fathead minnow (exotic, invasive)
Rainbow trout (exotic, not persistent)

Did You Know?

Mesa top pueblo at Far View Sites Complex

Approximately 600 of the over 4700 archeological sites found in Mesa Verde National Park are cliff dwellings. Other sites include mesa top pueblos, farming terraces, towers, reservoirs, and check dams.