• View of Square Tower House, seen along the Mesa Top Loop

    Mesa Verde

    National Park Colorado


Shrew Family
Merriam’s shrew
Masked (Cinereus) shrew
Montane shrew
Dwarf shrew
Gray shrew
Bat Family
California myotis (bat)
Long-eared myotis (bat)
Western small-footed bat
Fringed myotis (bat)
Long-legged myotis (bat)
Occult myotis (bat)
Yuma myotis (bat)
Big brown bat
Mule-eared bat (Townsend’s big-eared bat)
Silver-haired bat
Hoary bat
Western pipistrelle
Spotted bat
Allen’s big-eared bat
Pallid bat
Brazilian free-tailed bat
Big free-tailed bat
Hare and Rabbit Family
Black-tailed jackrabbit
Desert cottontail
Nuttall’s cottontail
Squirrel Family
Abert’s squirrel
Red squirrel
Golden-mantled ground squirrel
Rock squirrel
White-tailed antelope squirrel
Yellow-bellied marmot
Gunnison’s prairie dog
Least chipmunk
Colorado chipmunk
Pocket Gopher Family
Botta’s pocket gopher
Apache (Plains) pocket mouse
Beaver Family
American beaver
Mouse and Rat Family
Western harvest mouse
Brush mouse
Canyon mouse
Deer mouse
Pinyon mouse
Bushy-tailed woodrat
White-throated woodrat
Mexican woodrat
Long-tailed vole
Mexican vole
Montane vole Muskrat
New World Porcupine Family
Dog Family
Common gray fox
Red fox
Bear Family
American black bear
Raccoon Family
Raccoon (not native)
Weasel Family
Long-tailed weasel
Ermine (Short-tailed weasel)
American mink
Western spotted skunk
Striped skunk
American badger
Cat Family
Mountain lion
Deer Family
Mule deer
Rocky Mountain elk
Horse Family
Horse (introduced, feral trespass livestock)

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