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    Mesa Verde

    National Park Colorado


Museum Collection - CLOSING NOTICE

The Mesa Verde National Park and Yucca House National Monument collection will close to all researchers on May 2, 2011 in preparation for a move to the new Visitor and Research Center (VRC) and will remain closed until May, 2013. The collection's new home includes spacious work areas for researchers and viewing portals so the public can see into the repository and the collections processing room.

As part of the move process, park staff and volunteers will begin conducting a 100 percent inventory of the collections, implementing packing strategies for specific object types, measuring artifacts and building specialty boxes, photographing the ceramic collection, updating object locations, and arranging portions of the collections. There are a number of opportunities available to both park staff and external volunteers to help with the move. Please contact Lauren Finn at (970) 529-5074 if you are interested in participating.

Until the collections open at the Visitor and Research Center, the park will not actively seek to acquire items for the collection; however, will consider accepting donations and internal transfers of property on a case-by-case basis. Anyone wishing to transfer or donate items to the museum or archives is encouraged to do so as soon as possible. For assistance please contact Tara Travis, Museum Curator, (970) 529-4614.

Park staff and outside researchers are now being directed to check back here for additional information that will aid researchers in their quest for more information on the park. The park librarian may also be able to provide information, and can be reached at (970) 529-5014.

The curatorial staff appreciates your cooperation and support during this exciting time.

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