Enrichment Package: Activity 8 -- Comparing Lifestyles: Post-Visit

This activity is designed to be completed after a visit to Mesa Verde and should be used in conjunction with post-visit and on-site visit activities #4 and #6. The activity focuses on comparing and contrasting our way of life to that of the Ancestral Puebloans. It also asks students to draw conclusions from their comparisons.

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Follow the directions and answer the questions below.


Using the measurements you obtained in activity #6, use graph paper to make a scale drawing of an Ancestral Puebloan room. Once you complete the drawing, use it and the observations you made during your visit to compare the Ancestral Puebloan room to your own bedroom. (Include doors, furniture, uses, number of people, pictures, heating, etc. in making your comparisons.)

Are there any differences? If so, what?

Are there any similarities? If so, what?

2. Print a copy of the Comparing Lifestyles activity chart (pdf, 24) or use the chart below. Look at the resources on the left side of the chart. In the appropriate boxes, describe the differences and similarities of these resources in the lives of the Ancestral Puebloans as compared to our lives today (e.g., consider where we both get these resources, how we use these resources, the type of resources, the importance of the resources, etc.). This can also be used to stimulate a class discussion.

Resources Differences Similarities








3. Based on your comparisons, what conclusions can you make about the Ancestral Puebloans lifestyle compared to our own?

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