Enrichment Package: Activity 1 -- The Future Is In Your Hands

This activity provides a general introduction to the history of the National Park System, the history of Mesa Verde National Park, and explains how students can help protect the park during their visit.

We recommend that you begin by printing this page, or the printer friendly version below. Then you and your students (individually or as a class) can complete the activity questions as you read through Parts 1-3 of the Background Information below.

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Background Information

Part 1 The National Park Service: For Future Generations
Part 2 Mesa Verde National Park: The First Cultural National Park
Part 3 Park Etiquette: Taking Care of Mesa Verde National Park

Activity Questions


Explain how the use of public land by the National Park Service is different from U.S. Forest Service.


Describe the dual (two-part) mission of the National Park Service.


Explain the difference between a National Park and a National Monument.


Name four kinds of areas managed by the National Park Service.


What is the name of the National Park site closest to you?


What year was the National Park Service established?


Name three individuals who worked hard to establish the National Park Service.


Name five ways that you can demonstrate the three R’s of a park visit.

If everyone is to enjoy and preserve the parks then everyone must:

Be respectful of everything within the parks.
Be responsible for their personal actions, and to some degree, the actions of others.
Be reasonable about the rights of the individual and the rights of everyone else.

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