Enrichment Package: Activity 1 -- The Future Is In Your Hands: Answer Sheet

1. NPS lands are to be preserved. USFS lands are to be conserved, but allow for multiple uses.

2. The dual mission of the National Park Service is to protect/preserve the parks and to provide for the enjoyment of the parks.

3. National parks are created by an act of Congress while national monuments are created by Presidential proclamation.

4. Answers will vary but may include: national parks, national monuments, national historical parks, national seashores, national trails, national memorials, national lakeshores, national battlefields, and national recreation areas.

5. Answers will vary.

6. 1916

7. Theodore Roosevelt, John Muir and Horace Albright

8. Answers will vary but may include: Leave no trace, visit quietly, stay on paths and trails, help others, don't litter, be polite, don't run, don’t collect artifacts, don’t feed the animals, recycle, etc.

Did You Know?