Lesson Plan

Can You Solve It? A Scavenger Hunt

Diorama of Spruce Tree House with Ancestral Pueblo people going about their daily activities
Diorama of Spruce Tree House at the Chapin Mesa Archeological Museum


“Can You Solve It?” is a FIELD TRIP activity designed to engage students in an active exploration of the Chapin Mesa Archeological Museum. It complements a self-guided visit to Spruce Tree House nearby. Activity cards describe fictional scenarios that depict the life of Ancestral Pueblo people in A.D. 1200 to A.D 1275. Much like a scavenger hunt, students must locate objects, solve problems, and answer questions by examining exhibits, making observations, and recording what they find.


Students will be able to:

  • Use information from a variety of sources to draw conclusions as they answer questions on their museum activity cards.
  • Identify at least two tools, three basic foods, two types of clothing, or two types of housing construction used by Ancestral Pueblo people.
  • Identify at least one cultural adaptation made in the development of Ancestral Pueblo people.
  • State at least one theory for the use of a kiva.


  • Each student (or team of students) needs a Museum Activity Card Worksheet consisting of four cards. If you want the students to have a single card, simply cut the cards from the worksheet.
  • Each student (or team of students) needs a pencil and clipboard.
  • Copy of the Location Key (from lesson plan or worksheet)  that contains exhibit information.