• View of Square Tower House, seen along the Mesa Top Loop

    Mesa Verde

    National Park Colorado

Site Survey Data

Two site maps, one with pottery shards and lithic in foreground.
Site maps, completed in 2006
NPS Photo

Baseline site survey data is collected at all sites and serves as the backbone of documentation necessary for every archeological site at Mesa Verde National Park. Over 4,700 sites in the park have received this level of documentation since the first survey projects were conducted in the 1930s. Currently, sketch maps, photographs, and a GPS location are part of this documentation package. Our goal is to update the site survey information on all sites documented prior to 1996 when our current methodology was established.

Archeologist documenting a collapsed pueblo.

Documenting a rubble mound that represents a pueblo, 2001

NPS Photo

Artifacts are photographed and identified in the field. Artifacts can help determine the function of a site during the time period it was occupied.

Did You Know?

View of the House of Many Windows cliff dwelling

Ninety percent of Mesa Verde’s cliff dwellings contain 10 rooms or less. One-third have only one or two rooms. This should help to put the more famous cliff dwellings of Cliff Palace (150 rooms), Long House (150 rooms), Spruce Tree House (130 rooms), and Balcony House (40 rooms) into perspective.