Special Use Permits are issued for small wedding ceremonies ONLY and for three different locations in the Park - Old Stone House (garden area only), Montrose Park and Meridian Hill.

The fee for a wedding permit is $200.00

Contact Special Park Uses Ranger at 202-895-6000 for more information or e-mail


Special Park Use Permits

  • Permits for first amendment rights demonstrations, special events, or filming within any park area in the National Capitol Region (NCR) are required by 36 CFR to be processed through the NCR Park Programs Division. To obtain an application, contact 202.619.7225. For information on Rock Creek Park areas for these permits, contact the Special Park Uses office at 202-895-6000.

  • Permits for right of way uses, construction, educational programs (not led by a park ranger) or to use or cross park land are obtained from the Environmental Protection Specialist for Rock Creek Park, 202-895-6000.

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