Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I have a wedding in Meridian Hill Park

1. Yes, as long as you get a permit.

Special Use Permits are issued for small wedding ceremonies ONLY and for three different locations in the Park - Old Stone House (garden area only), Montrose Park and Meridian Hill.

Weddings have to meet the following criterion:
1) a letter to the Superintendent (ROCR) seeking permission has to be on file, indicate in the letter the following: how many people, time, place, knowledge of unbudgeted fee approximately $200.00 a note of intention about leaving the park site in a good condition.
2) small wedding gatherings (a maximum of 50 persons)
3) wedding ceremonies (approximately 1 1/2 hours ceremony)
4) the wedding activity in no way can interfere with other regular NPS park activities
5) the wedding ceremony occurs between 9:15 AM and 4:45 PM
6) a special park use permit signed by the Superintendent has to be available when requested by park officials
7) fee of $200 to cover unfunded costs, NPS maintenance personnel working the activity, park vehicle, processing special park use permit, etc.

The Park does not allow WEDDING RECEPTIONS and Rock Creek Park only provides the site for weddings.

If you have any questions, please call the Special Park Uses Ranger at 202-895-6013.

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