• Collage of images, including Maggie Walker, her home, and the St. Luke Penny Savings Bank

    Maggie L Walker

    National Historic Site Virginia


The staff at Maggie L. Walker National Historical Site is committed to preserving the inspirational story of Maggie L. Walker for the enjoyment of this and future generations.


National Register of Historic Places - May 12, 1975

National Historic Landmark - May 15, 1975

National Historic Site - November 10, 1978


Public Law 95/625 was signed into law on November 10, 1978 designating the home of Maggie L. Walker a National Historic Site. To read more, please click on the link below. The information pertaining to the designation of the Maggie L. Walker NHS is contained in Section 511, page 44.

Enabling Legislation- Public Law 95/625

Did You Know?

Teller window at St. Luke Penny Savings Bank

The St. Luke Penny Savings Bank issued 625 mortgages to black families in its first years of operation, remarkable for a time when it was extremely difficult for African Americans to receive mortgages from other banks.