• Mist rises over fields on Martin Van Buren's farm Lindenwald as the Catkill Mountains loom in the distance.

    Martin Van Buren

    National Historic Site New York


Lindenwald front hall.

The front hall of Martin Van Buren's home.  This room was painstakingly restored over the course of ten years reflecting the careful management of the home of the country's eight president.

Permits, Laws, Planning, Fire Management

National Park Service staff and the employees at Martin Van Buren NHS are continually at work planning and conducting research so that the resources entrusted to our care and visitors who come to learn are served in the best manner possible. Located here are links to several of the numerous studies and plans produced on a variety of park management issues and resource topics. Especially important is the General Management Planning (GMP) process begun in 2008. Please explore the GMP and comment on it.

Did You Know?

Martin Van Buren 1848 Free-Soil Poster

In the 1848 Presidential election, Martin Van Buren ran as the candidate for a new third party. The Free-Soil Party was group of disaffected Democrats opposed to the extension of slavery into the south-western territories captured from Mexico during the Mexican-American War. Martin Van Buren was the presidential candidate and Charles Francis Adams was chosen as Van Buren’s running mate. The Free-Soil Party received 10% of the popular vote in 1848 but no electoral votes. The Whig candidate and Mexican War hero Zachary Taylor won the Presidency in 1848.