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NPS Maritime Parks
View a list of National Park Service units with maritime resources. Link to parks and datasheets about each resource.
Historic Ships
Access lists of historic ships located in the United States and open to the public, organized by name, type, and location. Includes pages describing the Inventory of Historic Ships, basics about ship design and classification, and a collection of relevant links.
View lists of publicly accessible lighthouses located in the United States, organized by region and state.
Life Saving Stations
View a list of publicly accessible Life Saving Stations located in the United States, organized by state.

Maritime History and Preservation
Access pages describing the National Historic Landmarks (NHL) program and the theme study, The Maritime Heritage of the United States. Includes links to many NHL nominations for ships and lighthouses.
Education Tools
Access page describing Teaching with Historic Places (TwHP), a program of the National Park Service's National Register of Historic Places and links to maritime history lesson plans.
Lighthouse Heritage
Access links to lighthouse preservation materials; news, projects, and events relating to lighthouses; features that include brief essays addressing lighthouse construction types, light station components,and keepers and other personnel; FAQs.
Ship Links
Access links to web sites for preserved historic ships, resources for learning about historic ships and maritime history, and organizations addressing the current maritime world.
Access pages describing the the Maritime Heritage Grants Program and links to other funding sources.

What's New
Access information about new items appearing on our web pages.

View a list of maritime preservation publications and link to online versions.

About Us
Access pages describing the Maritime Heritage Program; its mission, history, and projects.

Contact Us
Contact information for Maritime Heritage Program staff.

Park History Program
Link to the NPS Park History Program.

Links to the Past
Link to the home page for programs of the National Center for Cultural Resource Stewardship and Partnerships and the National Center for Recreation and Conservation.

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