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2014 Grant Program and Application Information


Update: The application period for the 2014 National Maritime Heritage grants is now closed. Please do not contact us to request the status of your application; applications are now under review and applicants will be notified of the results when they are available. The Maritime Heritage Grant Panel will meet in mid-January and provide funding recommendations to the Secretary of the Interior.


Approximately $1.7 million in National Maritime Heritage Grants for education or preservation projects were available for 2014. Proposals for grants were accepted from June 23 until September 23, 2014. Education projects could request $25,000-50,000 and preservation projects could request $50,000-200,000. Funding for Maritime Heritage Grants is competitive and requires a 1-to-1 match with non-Federal assets from non-Federal sources. Project grants are administered through the Maritime Heritage Program and State Historic Preservation Offices (SHPOs).

Applicants must submit their complete application packages through the grants.gov website. Organizations not yet registered or familiar with grants.gov must first go to the following website and follow the instructions to register: http://www.grants.gov/web/grants/applicants/apply-for-grants.html. It will take several days for your account to be processed before you can submit your application.

During open application periods, the maritime grant may be found on www.grants.gov by clicking on "Search Grants" and searching for "National Maritime Heritage Grant Program." The next open period will be in Spring or Summer 2015. Please read the application instructions on this page and those provided at www.grants.gov to ensure a smooth application and review process.


Application Materials

A complete application package will include the following forms:

Available here:

Available only at www.grants.gov:

  • SF 424 - Application for Federal Assistance (required for all projects)
    • SF424a - Non-Construction Budget (required for all projects)
    • SF424b - Non-Construction Assurances (required for education projects)
    • SF424c - Construction Budget (only necessary if using grant funds for preservation projects)
    • SF424d - Construction Assurances (only necessary if using grant funds for preservation projects)

Form SF-424 and its attachments are required to be completed for all Federal grant programs, regardless of Federal agency. The Maritime Heritage Grant application, with supporting documentation, is specific to this NPS program. When complete, it must be attached to and submitted with the SF-424. See instructions at www.grants.gov. Please note that all grant applications must be submitted through www.grants.gov. Other means of submittal will not be accepted.


PLEASE NOTE: It is essential that you consult with your State Historic Preservation Officer (SHPO)/Tribal Historic Preservation Officer (THPO) early in the application process to determine whether it will be necessary to initiate Section 106 Compliance before submitting the application package. SHPOs/THPOs will begin offering guidance on June 30. For more information about Section 106, refer to the information under “Grant requirements” below. The NPS and SHPOs/THPOs will assist applicants with Section 106 requirements if applicable. For projects in Hawaii, please also contact the Office of Hawaiian Affairs for a list of Native Hawaiian Organizations that may need to be notified of projects that could affect historic properties. 


The restored Chicamacomico Life-Saving Station on Hatteras Island
Chicamacomico Life-Saving Station.
Its restoration was performed with 1998 grant funds. Photograph from the
Chicamacomico Historical Association.


Need help? We have prepared this series of brief guidance documents about the grant program to get you started. More detail is included in the Application Guidelines and Grant Manual. You will need Adobe Reader to view these documents. If you do not have Reader, you may download it for free. If, after review of these documents, you have further questions about eligibility, the application process, or other topics, please contact Kelly Spradley-Kurowski, Historian and Grants Manager, at 202-354-2266 or kelly_spradley-kurowski@nps.gov.


Grant Requirements

All projects receiving a grant will be required to adhere to certain federal laws and regulations (see the Laws and Regs). Please see the Application Guidelines and Grant Manual for more detailed information about the requirements. Below are links to the programs directly related to historic preservation, provided as easy reference for applicants planning preservation projects.


Major Andrew Broaddus, an Coast Guard Inland Lifesaving Station

The Mayor Andrew Broaddus U.S. Coast Guard Inland Lifesaving Station received grant funds for preservation work in 1998. Louisville, Kentucky.
Photograph by Joe Schneid via Wikimedia Commons.