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    National Historic Site California

Things To Do

If You Only Have an Hour

Come inside the Visitor Center and watch the 22 minute film Remembering Manzanar. Spend some time looking at the exhibits to get a glimpse of life in Manzanar.

If You Have Half a Day

Come to the Visitor Center and watch the 22 minute film Remembering Manzanar. Plan on spending about an hour to see the exhibits and artifacts. Adjacent to the Visitor Center is Block 14 where you will find two reconstructed barracks and a mess hall with exhibits. Take the 3.2 mile self guided driving tour around the site to experience the Manzanar landscape. Bring some water to keep hydrated and get out and explore. There are eleven rock gardens and ponds that have been excavated. See many foundations, historic orchards, and other remnants of camp await you if you explore on foot beyond the tour road. Ask for the map Manzanar Today. As a reminder there is no collecting of artifacts. Leave everything where you find it.

If You Are Lucky Enough to Have a Long Weekend

Manzanar is one of many exciting places to visit in the Owens Valley. Investigate our nearby attractions for ideas suited to any taste.

Did You Know?

The orphanage nursery. Photo by Ansel Adams.

Manazanar housed the only camp orphanage. Children from three orphanages, foster homes, and those whose parents were taken to prison camps lived together in the Childrens Village.