Outdoor Activities

Driving Tour
A 3.2 mile self-guided driving tour takes you past the sentry posts, remnants of the administrative complex, Manzanar High School Auditorium now the Visitor Center, Block 14 with two reconstructed barracks and a mess hall exhibit, rock gardens and ponds, and the camp cemetery. Stop in the Visitor Center to get the park brochure that highlights features of the camp and driving tour.

The driving tour road is open from sunrise to sunset. An after hours driving tour map is available at the kiosk next to the parking lot.


Mountain Biking

Bike the main tour road or gravel roads north and south of the site.


Explore the Site

You are encouraged to explore the site on your own. Although cars and bicycles are restricted to the tour road, you are free to explore the entire site on foot. You can visit ten excavations of rock gardens and ponds as well as Merritt Park the camp's community garden, the chicken ranch, the orchards, or any of the other features of the site not on the main tour road.

Did You Know?