• Mt. Williamson and cemetery monument


    National Historic Site California

Park Statistics


814 acres


80,000 - 85,000 annually


$1,276,000 (2014)


•Land transferred from City of Los Angeles to NPS - April 24, 1997

•National Historic Site - March 3, 1992

•National Historic Landmark - February, 1985

•Los Angeles Cultural-Historic Monument No. 160- September 15, 1976

•National Register of Historic Places - July 30, 1976

•California Registered Historical Landmark, No. 850 - January, 1972

Did You Know?

Aerial view of Manzanar today. Photo by Michael Wehrey.

The city of Los Angeles gets much of its water from the Owens Valley, and it owns the majority of the land on the valley floor. The federal government leased the land for the camp from Los Angeles because it was vacant and had water.