• Mt. Williamson and cemetery monument


    National Historic Site California


Manzanar National Historic Site is accumulating objects and materials for our collection. These are a combination of things found on the site and items that are donated. Federal laws and National Park policies dictate how we acquire and manage this collection. We follow our General Management Plan, interpretive themes, and other documents in making decisions in what is appropriate.

In honor of Asian Pacific American Heritage month 2010, we launched a "Virtual Museum" highlighting more than 200 items from our museum collection. The website highlights Manzanar's past from centuries of Owens Valley Paiute life to the ranching and farming era; from the World War II confinement of 11,070 Japanese Americans, to later Pilgrimages and the eventual establishment of Manzanar National Historic Site. Most of the items featured online have never been seen by the public. Click here to explore the Virtual Museum.

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