Current Volunteer Opportunities

Interpretation and Visitor Services
Visitor Services
Greet visitors, answer questions, show movies, and help create a positive visitor experience.

Library Assistant
Organize books, reference files, slides, and photographs located in the park library. Describe and label images and oral histories. Inventory new additions to the library. Create finding aids to historic resources such as the Manzanar Free Press.

Oral History Assistant
Transcribe, edit, synopsize and index oral histories.

Administrative Assistant
Assist interpretive staff with photocopying, proofreading, and maintaining mailing lists.

Perform research at local, state, and regional libraries for historical information on a variety of information related to Manzanar including Japanese Americans in World War I and II, and women from war relocation centers who served in the military.

Former internees and others with close personal ties to Manzanar give talks and tours to visitors.

Assist the maintenance staff with the care and cleanup of the site and buildings including cleaning approved ponds and garden areas, clearing off foundations, painting road signs, installation of locust pole barricades, and road maintenance. This is a particularly good activity for groups who wish to volunteer.

Cultural Resources
Assist with cultural resource projects

We currently work with Student Conservation Association to host an annual intern. We also successfully host interns from various universities who complete projects related to their studies and career interests.

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