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Witness Trees

Witness Trees
Eastern Red Cedar at Visitor Center

Eastern Red Cedar at Visitor Center. These trees can live up to 300 years old.

Photo by: Alison Sloop

At Manassas National Battlefield, A "Witness Tree" is a tree that was alive during the key events of the First and Second Battles of Manassas. This means that these trees must be over 150 years old. Park staff, with the help of a girl scout dedicated to completing her Gold Award project, identified several Witness Trees in the Battlefield along our trails systems. Will you be able to discover them all as you journey through the park?

Tree coring is a minimal impact technique to estimate tree age

Using an increment bore to extract tree cores for estimating tree age.

Photo by: Mariah Michael

The Witness Trees were located using historic maps and photos, aerial photography, and increment boring sample collection. Increment boring is a process of extracting a very small sample of a tree core with very little impact to the tree. The core sample is then analyzed by counting rings to estimate the age of the tree.
Map of Witness Trees in the Battlefield
Map of Witness Trees in the Battlefield. Will you be able to discover them all?
Photo by: ASloop and MMichael

Did You Know?

Did you know?

Small mammal trapping is one way our Natural Resource Management team monitors the ecosystems and environmental conditions of the park. Frequent catches include mice, voles, and flying squirrels.