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Union Order of Battle - First Manassas

Army of Northeastern Virginia

Brigadier General Irvin McDowell

First Division: Brigadier General Daniel Tyler

  • First Brigade: Colonel Erasmus D. Keyes
    2nd Maine - Colonel C.D. Jamerson
    1st Connecticut - Lieutenant Colonel Speidel
    2nd Connecticut - Colonel A.H. Terry
    3rd Connecticut - Colonel J.L. Chatfield
  • Second Brigade: Brigadier General Robert C. Schenck
    2nd New York Militia - Colonel G.W.B. Tompkins
    1st Ohio - Colonel A. McD. McCook
    2nd Ohio - Lieutenant Colonel R. Mason
    Company E, 2nd U.S. Artillery - Captain J.H. Carlisle
  • Third Brigade: Colonel William T. Sherman
    13th New York - Colonel I. F. Quinby
    69th New York - Colonel M. Corcoran (W&C), Captain J. Kelly
    79th New York - Colonel J. Cameron (K)
    2nd Wisconsin - Lieutenant Colonel H.W. Peck
    Company E, 3rd U.S. Artillery - Captain R.B. Ayres
  • Fourth Brigade: Colonel Israel B. Richardson
    1st Massachusetts - Colonel R. Cowdin
    12th New York - Colonel E.L. Wairath
    2nd Michigan - Major A.W. Williams
    3rd Michigan - Colonel D. McConnell, Lieutenant Colonel Stevens
    Company G, 1st US Artillery (2 guns), Lt. J. Edwards
    Company M, 2nd US Artillery (4 guns), Capt. H. J. Hunt

SECOND DIVISION - Colonel David Hunter (W), Colonel Andrew Porter

  • First Brigade: Colonel Andrew Porter
    8th New York (Militia) - Colonel G. Lyons
    14th New York (Militia) - Colonel A.M. Wood (W), Lt. Colonel E. B. Fowler
    27th New York - Colonel H. W. Slocum (W), Major J.J. Bartlett
    U.S. Infantry Battalion (8 Cos.) - Major G. Sykes
    U.S. Marine Corps Battalion - Major J.G. Reynolds
    U.S. Cavalry Battalion (7 Cos.) - Major I.N. Palmer
    Company D, 5th U.S. Artillery - Captain C. Griffin
  • Second Brigade: Colonel Ambrose E. Burnside
    2nd New Hampshire - Colonel G. Marston (W), Lieutenant Colonel F.S. Flake
    1st Rhode Island - Major J.P. Balch
    2nd Rhode Island - Colonel J.S. Slocum (K), Lieutenant Colonel F. Wheaton
    71st New York - Colonel H.P. Martin
    2nd Rhode Island Battery, Capt. William H. Reynolds

Third Division: Colonel Samuel P. Heintzelman (W)

  • First Brigade: Colonel William B. Franklin
    5th Massachusetts - Colonel S.C. Lawrence (W)
    11th Massachusetts - Colonel G. Clark
    1st Minnesota - Colonel W.A. Gorman
    4th Pennsylvania - Colonel John F. Hartranft
    Company I, 1st U.S. Artillery - Captain J.B. Ricketts (W&C)

  • Second Brigade: Colonel Orlando B. Willcox (W&C), Colonel J.H. Hobart Ward
    11th New York - Lt. Colonel N.C. Farnham (W)
    38th New York - Colonel J.H. Hobart Ward, Lt. Colonel A. Farnsworth
    1st Michigan - Major A.F. Bidwell
    4th Michigan - Colonel D.A. Woodbury
    Company D, 2nd U.S. Artillery - Captain R. Arnold
  • Third Brigade: Colonel Oliver O. Howard
    3rd Maine - Major H.G. Staples
    4th Maine - Colonel H.G. Berry
    5th Maine - Colonel M.H. Dunnell
    2nd Vermont - Colonel H. Whiting

Fourth Division: Brigadier General Theodore Runyon

  • Militia
    1st New Jersey - Colonel A.J. Johnson
    2nd New Jersey - Colonel H. M. Baker
    3rd New Jersey - Colonel W. Napton
    4th New Jersey - Colonel M. Miller Volunteers
  • Volunteers
    1st New Jersey - Colonel W.R. Montgomery
    2nd New Jersey - Colonel G.W. McLean
    3rd New Jersey - Colonel G. W. McLean
    41st New York - Colonel L. Von Gilsa

Fifth Division: Colonel Dixon S. Miles

  • First Brigade: Colonel Louis Blenker
    8th New York - Lieutenant Colonel J. Stahel
    29th New York - Colonel A. von Steinwehr
    39th New York - Colonel F.G. D'Utassy
    27th Pennsylvania - Colonel M. Einstein
    Company A, 2nd U.S. Artillery - Captain J.C. Tidball
    8th New York Militia Battery - Captain C. Brookwood
  • Second Brigade: Colonel Thomas A. Davies
    16th New York - Lieutenant Colonel S. Marsh
    18th New York - Colonel W.A. Jackson
    31st New York - Colonel C.E. Pratt
    32nd New York - Colonel R. Matheson
    Company G, 2nd U.S. Artillery - Lieutenant O.D. Greene

Did You Know?

Did you Know?

Only one civilian was killed during the battle of Bull Run. Judith Carter Henry, an 85 year old bed-ridden widow, was mortally wounded by Union artillery fire. She is buried in a small family cemetery located on Henry Hill.