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Union Order of Battle - Second Manassas

Army of Virginia

Major General John Pope

Headquarters Escort:
1st Ohio Cavalry (Cos. A & C)
5th New York Cavalry (7 cos.)
36th Ohio: Colonel George Crook

First Corps:

Major General Franz Sigel
Headquarters Escort:
1st Indiana Cavalry (Cos. I & K)

First Division: BG Robert C. Schenck (W), BG Julius Stahel

  • First Brigade: BG Julius Stahel, Col Adolphus Buschbeck
    8th New York: LtCol Carl B. Hedterich
    41st New York: LtCol Ernest W. Holmstedt
    45th New York: LtCol Edward W. Wratislaw
    27th Pennsylvania: Col Buschbeck, LtCol Lorenz Cantador

  • Second Brigade:Col Nathaniel C. McLean
    25th Ohio: Col William P. Richardson
    55th Ohio: Col John C. Lee
    73rd Ohio: Col Orland Smith
    75th Ohio: Maj Robert Reily
  • Artillery:
    Battery K, 1st Ohio Artillery: Lt George B. Haskin
    2nd New York Light: Capt Louis Shirmer (attached to 1st brigade)

Second Division: BG Adolph von Steinwehr

  • First Brigade:Col John A. Koltes(k) LtCol Gustavus A. Muhleck
    29th New York: Col Clemens Soest(w), Maj Louis Hartman
    68th New York: LtCol John H. Kleefisch
    73rd Pennsylvania: LtCol Muhleck

Third Division: BG Carl Schurz

  • First Brigade:Col Alexander Schimmelfenning
    61st Ohio: LtCol S.J. McGroarty
    74th Pennsylvania: Maj Franz Blessing
    8th West Virginia: Capt Hedgman Slack
    Battery F, Pennsylvania Artillery: Capt Robert B. Hampton
  • Second Brigade:Col Wladimir Krzyzanowski
    54th New York: LtCol Charles Ashby
    58th New York: Maj William Henkel(w)
    Capt Frederick Braun
    75th Pennsylvania: LtCol Francis Mahler
    Battery L, 2nd New York Artillery: Capt Jacob Roemer

  • Unattached:
    Troop C, 3rd West Virginia Cavalry: Capt Jonathan Stahl
    Battery I, 1st Ohio Artillery: Capt Hubert Dilger
  • Independent Brigade:BG Robert H. Milroy
    2nd West Virginia: Col George R. Latham
    3rd West Virginia: Col David T. Hewes
    5th West Virginina: Col John L. Zeigler
    82nd Ohio: Col James Cantwell(k), LtCol James S. Robinson
    Troops C, E, and L, 1st West Virginia Cavalry: Maj John S. Krepps
    12th Ohio Battery: Capt Aaron C. Johnson
  • Cavalry Brigade:Col John Beardsley
    1st Connecticut Battalion
    1st Maryland: LtCol Charles Wetschky
    4th New York: LtCol Ferris Nazer
    9th New York: Maj Charles Knox
    6th Ohio: Col William R. Lloyd
  • Reserve Artillery:Capt Frank Buell, Capt Louis Schirmer
    Battery I, 1st New York Light: Capt Michael Wiedrich
    13th New York: Capt Julius Dieckmann
    Battery C, West Virginia Artillery: Lt Wallace Hill

Third Corps:

Major General Irvin McDowell

First Division: BG Rufus King (ill), BG John P. Hatch (w), BG Abner Doubleday

  • First Brigade:BG Hatch (w), Col Timothy Sullivan
    22nd New York: Col Walter Phelps, Jr.
    24th New York: Col Timothy Sullivan, LtCol Samuel Beardsley (w)
    Maj Andrew Barney (w)
    30th New York: Col Edward Frisby
    84th New York (14th Militia): LtCol E.B. Fowler (w), Maj W.H. de Bevois
    2nd United States Sharpshooters: Col Henry A.V. Post

  • Second Brigade: BG Abner Doubleday, Col William P. Wainwright
    56th Pennsylvania: Col Sullivan A. Meredith (w), LtCol J.W. Hoffmann
    76th New York: Col Wainwright, Maj Charles E. Livingstone
    95th New York: LtCol James B. Post
  • Third Brigade: BG Marsena R. Patrick
    21st New York: Col William F. Rogers
    23rd New York: LtCol Nirom M. Crane
    35th New York: Col Newton B. Lord
    80th New York (20th Militia): Col G.W. Pratt (mw), LtCol T.B. Gates
  • Fourth Brigade: BG John Gibbon
    2nd Wisconsin: Col Edgar O'Conner (k), LtCol Lucius Fairchild
    6th Wisconsin: Col Lysander Cutler (w), LtCol Edward S. Bragg
    7th Wisconsin: Col W.W. Robinson (w), LtCol C.A. Hamilton (w)
    19th Indiana: Col Solomon Meredith

  • Artillery:
    1st New Hampshire: Capt George A. Gerrish, Lt Frederick M. Edgell
    Battery D, 1st Rhode Island: Capt J. Albert Monroe
    Battery L, 1st New York: Capt John A. Reynolds
    Battery B, 4th United States: Capt Joseph B. Campbell

Second Division: Brigadier General James B. Ricketts

  • First Brigade:BG Abram Duryea
    97th New York: LtCol John P. Spofford
    104th New York: Maj Lewis C. Skinner
    105th New York: Col Howard Carroll
    107th Pennsylvania: Col Thomas F. McCoy

  • Second Brigade:BG Zealous B. Tower (w), Col. William H. Christian
    26th New York: Col Christian, LtCol Richard H. Richardson
    94th New York: Col Adrian R. Root
    88th Pennsylvania: LtCol J.A. McLean (k), Maj George W. Gile
    90th Pennsylvania: Col Peter Lyle
  • Third Brigade:Col John W. Stiles
    12th Massachusetts: Col Fletcher Webster (k), LtCol T.M. Bryan, Jr.
    13th Massachusetts: Col Samuel H. Leonard
    83rd New York (9th Militia): LtCol William Atterbury
    11th Pennsylvania: Col Richard Coulter
  • Fourth Brigade:Col Joseph Thoburn
    7th Indiana: LtCol John F. Cheek
    84th Pennsylvania: Col Samuel M. Bowman
    110th Pennsylvania: Col William D. Lewis, Jr.
    1st West Virginia: LtCol Henry B. Hubbard
  • Artillery
    2nd Maine Light: Capt James A. Hall
    5th Maine Light: Capt G.F. Leppien
    Battery F, 1st Pennsylvania: Capt Ezra W. Matthews
    Battery C, Pennsylvania: Capt James Thompson
  • Cavalry Brigade (Temporarily attached):BG George D. Bayard
    1st Maine: Col Samuel H. Allen
    2nd New York: Col J. Mansfield Davies
    1st New Jersey: LtCol Joseph Karge, Maj Ivins. D. Jones
    1st Pennsylvania: Col Owen Jones
    1st Rhode Island: Col A.N. Duffie

Army of the Potomac

Third Corps:

Major General Samuel P. Heintzelman
Headquarters Escort
5th New Cavalry (3 cos.)

First Division: Major General Philip Kearny

  • First Brigade:BG John C. Robinson
    20th Indiana: Col William L. Brown (k), Maj John Wheeler
    30th Ohio (6 cos.): LtCol Theodore Jones
    63rd Pennsylvania:col Alexander Hays (w), Capt James F. Ryan (w)
    105th Pennsylvania: LtCol C.A. Craig (w), Maj J.W. Greenwalt
  • Second Brigade:BG David B. Birney
    3rd Maine: Capt Moses B. Lakeman
    4th Maine: Col Elijah Walker
    1st New York: Maj Edwin Burt
    38th New York: Col John Henry Hobart Ward
    40th New York: Col Thomas W. Egan
    101st New York: LtCol Nelson A. Gesner
    57th Pennsylvania: Maj William Birney
  • Third Brigade:Col Orlando M. Poe
    37th New York: Col Samuel B. Hayman
    99th Pennsylvania: Col Asher S. Leidy
    2nd Michigan: LtCol Louis Dillman
    3rd Michigan: Col S.G. Champlin (w), Maj Byron R. Pierce
    5th Michigan: Capt William Wakenshaw
  • Artillery Battery E, 1st Rhode Island: Capt George E. Randolph
    Battery K, 1st United States: Capt William M. Graham

Second Division: Major General Joseph Hooker

  • First Brigade:BG Cuvier Grover
    2nd New Hampshire: Col Gilman Marston
    1st Massachusetts: Col Robert Cowdin
    11th Massachusetts: Col William Blaisdell
    16th Massachusetts: Maj Gardner Banks
    26th Pennsylvania: Maj Robert L. Bodine
  • Second Brigade:Col Nelson Taylor
    70th New York: Capt Charles L. Young
    71st New York: Capt Owen Murphy
    72nd New York: Capt Harman J. Bliss
    73rd New York: Capt M.W. Burns
    74th New York: Maj Edward L. Price
  • Third Brigade:Col Joseph B. Carr
    2nd New York: Capt Sidney W. Park
    5th New Jersey: LtCol W.J. Sewell
    6th New Jersey: Col Gershom Mott (w), LtCol G.C. Burling
    7th New Jersey: Col Joseph W. Revere
    8th New Jersey: LtCol William Ward (w), Capt John Tuite (k),
    Capt George Hoffman (w), Capt O.S. Johnson, Capt Daniel Blauvelt, Jr.
    115th Pennsylvania: LtCol Robert Thompson
  • Artillery 6th Maine Battery: Capt Freeman McGilvery

Fifth Corps:

Major General Fitz John Porter

First Division: Major General George W. Morell

  • First Brigade: Col Charles W. Roberts
    2nd Maine: Maj Daniel F. Sargent
    18th Massachusetts: Maj Joseph Hayes
    22nd Massachusetts: Capt Mason W. Burt
    13th New York: Col Elisha G. Marshall
    25th New York: Col Charles A. Johnson
    1st Michigan: Col H.S. Roberts (k), Capt E.W. Belton
  • Second Brigade: BG Charles Griffin
    9th Massachusetts: Col Patrick R. Guiney
    32nd Massachusetts: Col Francis J. Parker
    14th New York: Col James McQuade
    62nd Pennsylvania: Col Jacob B. Sweitzer
    4th Michigan: Col Jonathan W. Childs
  • Third Brigade: BG Daniel Butterfield, Col H.A. Weeks (w), Col James C. Rice
    12th New York: Col Weeks (w), Capt. A.I. Root (w), Capt William Huson
    17th New York: Col Henry A. Lansing, Maj W.T.C. Grower (w), Capt John Vickers
    44th New York: Col Rice, Maj Freeman Conner
    83rd Pennsylvania: LtCol H.S. Campbell (w), Maj William R. Lamont (w), Capt John Graham,
    Capt O.S.N. Woodward
    16th Michigan: Capt Thomas J. Barry, Capt Henry H. Sibley
    1st U.S. Sharpshooters: Col Hiram Berdan
  • Artillery:
    3rd Massachusetts: Capt Augustus P. Martin
    Battery C, 1st Rhode Island: Capt Richard Waterman
    Battery D, 5th United States: Lt Charles E. Hazlett

Second Division: Brigadier General George W. Sykes

  • First Brigade: LtCol Robert C. Buchanan
    3rd United States: Capt John D. Wilkins
    4th United States: Capt J.B. Collins
    12th United States (1st Battalion): Capt Matthew M. Blunt
    14th United States (1st Battalion): Capt J.D. O'Connell (w), Capt W.H. Brown
    14th United States (2nd Battalion): Capt David B. McKibbin
  • Second Brigade: LtCol William Chapman
    Company G, 1st United States: Capt Matthew R. Marston
    2nd United States: Maj Charles S. Lovell
    6th United States: Capt Levi C. Bootes
    10th United States: Maj Charles S. Lovell
    11th United States: Maj Delancey Floyd-Jones
    17th United States: Maj George L. Andrews
  • Third Brigade: Col Gouverneur K. Warren
    5th New York: Capt Cleveland Winslow
    10th New York: Col John E. Bendix
  • Artillery: Capt Stephen H. Weed
    Batteries E and G, 1st United States: Lt Alanson M. Randol
    Battery I, 5th United States: Capt Weed
    Battery K, 5th United States: Capt John R. Smead (k), Lt W.E. Van Reed
  • Reserve Corps (Temporarily attached):BG Samuel D. Sturgis
    Piatt's Brigade:BG A. Sanders Piatt
    63rd Indiana (4 companies): LtCol John S. Williams
    86th New York: Col Benajah P. Bailey

Ninth Corps:

Major General Jesse L. Reno

First Division: Major General Isaac I. Stevens

  • First Brigade: Col Benjamin C. Christ
    50th Pennsylvania: LtCol T.S. Brenholtz, Maj Edward Overton, Jr.
    8th Michigan: LtCol Frank Graves
  • Second Brigade: Col David Leasure (w), LtCol David A. Leckey
    46th New York (5 cos.): Col Rudolph Rosa (w), Maj Julius Parcus
    100th Pennsylvania: LtCol Leckey, Capt J.E. Cornelius
  • Third Brigade: Col Addison Farnsworth
    28th Massachusetts: Maj G.W. Cartwright
    79th New York: LtCol David Morrison
  • Artillery:
    Battery E, 2nd United States: Lt Samuel N. Benjamin

Second Division: MG Jesse L. Reno

  • First Brigade: Col James Nagle
    6th New Hampshire: Col Simon G. Griffin
    48th Pennsylvania: LtCol Joshua K. Sigfried 2nd Maryland: LtCol J. Eugene Duryea
  • Second Brigade: Col Edward Ferrero
    21st Massachusetts: Col William S. Clark
    51st New York: LtCol Robert B. Potter
    51st Pennsylvania: Col John F. Hartranft
  • Artillery:
    Battery D, Pennsylvania Light: Capt George W. Durell

Did You Know?

Did You Know

Veterans of the First Battle of Bull Run celebrated the Manassas National Jubilee of Peace in 1911. The event commemorated the 50th anniversary of the battle, and was attended by thousands of people. President William H. Taft delivered the keynote address in downtown Manassas.