• Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and  the Civil Rights Movement

    Martin Luther King Jr

    National Historic Site Georgia

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Row of Queen Anne homes.

Row of Queen Anne homes.

Gary Tarleton, HFC

Specifically, the Commercial Services Strategy Plan identifies opportunities to enhance the park's mission and the visitor experience through public/private partnerships. The purpose of the plan is to: Describe the desired future conditions of the park for visitor use and commercial operations; Analyze potential commercially managed visitor services opportunities as recommended by visitors, volunteers, partners, park staff, and other relevant stakeholders; Create a tool for quickly and easily evaluating existing and potential businesses; and, Prioritize business opportunities and outline an action plan for potential implementation.

DRAFT Commercial Services Strategy

Did You Know?

Mama King (Alberta)

Mama King (Alberta) was playing the organ in 1974 when a young Black man named Marcus Wayne Chennault stood up and opened fire. He killed Mama King and a Deacon and wounded two other Deacons. He was sentenced to life in prison and died in 1988. No reason was ever given for why he killed Mrs. King.