• The Historic Entrance of Mammoth Cave

    Mammoth Cave

    National Park Kentucky

Discovery Tour

The Rotunda

View of the Rotunda - one of Mammoth Cave's largest rooms.

Photo by J. Wheet

Duration: 30 minute minimum
Walking Distance: ½ mile, round trip in cave
Restrooms Available? No
Emphasis on: Large trunk passages; cultural history and environmental issues; current research
Landmarks Seen: Natural Entrance, Narrows, Rotunda, Saltpeter artifacts, Audubon Avenue, American Indian artifacts, Rafinesque Hall
Elevation Change: 140 feet
Number of Stairs: 120
Steep Hill Climbs? One, to and from cave entrance
Restrictions: General restrictions apply

Visit the Rotunda, one of the largest rooms, explore a vast canyon passageway, and learn about 19th-century saltpeter mining operations and the geologic origins of Mammoth Cave on this self-guiding tour.

Did You Know?

Tuberculosis Hut in Mammoth Cave

In 1841, cave owner Dr. John Croghan believed the cave air might cure his patients suffering from tuberculosis. He brought 16 patients into Mammoth Cave that winter and housed them in stone and wood huts. After some perished, they left the cave, for of course the cave air offered no cure.