• The Historic Entrance of Mammoth Cave

    Mammoth Cave

    National Park Kentucky

Firearms-Prohibited Areas in Mammoth Cave NP

In what areas of the park are weapons prohibited?

All firearms are Strictly Prohibited from the following areas, regardless of whether the visitor has a valid concealed weapons permit:

  • ALL government buildings that are classified as a federal facility
  • ALL cave tours
  • ALL buses used to carry visitors for cave tours
  • The Mammoth Cave Hotel Lobby, Rotunda Room, gift shops and dining areas.

All of these areas will be identified with an NPS-approved “No Firearms Allowed” decal or placard. ⇒

Did You Know?

Tuberculosis Hut in Mammoth Cave

In 1841, cave owner Dr. John Croghan believed the cave air might cure his patients suffering from tuberculosis. He brought 16 patients into Mammoth Cave that winter and housed them in stone and wood huts. After some perished, they left the cave, for of course the cave air offered no cure.