Fire Curriculum

Cover of the Mammoth Cave National Park Fire Curriculum

Mammoth Cave National Park has developed curriculum materials for teachers to use in educating students in grades 4-8 about fire and its role in the park. The curriculum is available for download below either in its entirety or as individual units, along with the appendices, KERA Core Content, and Program of Studies sheets.

Fire Curriculum (entire, 2.7mb)

Individual Units:

Recipe for a Fire
Stopping the Flames
Fire & Man – Friend or Foe?
Hot Habitats (Classified)
Plot Monitoring
Acre By Acre
Fire and Weather
Weather In Your Pocket
Fire Fighting Costs Money!


The Changing Role of Fire in Kentucky's Forests
A Chronology of Large Wildland Fires in the United States
Fire Videos Available from Mammoth Cave National Park

Programs of Studies:

4th Grade Program of Studies
5th Grade Program of Studies
6th Grade Program of Studies
7th Grade Program of Studies
8th Grade Program of Studies

KERA Core Content for Assessment:

Core Content - Primary
Core Content - Grades 5-7
Core Content - Grades 8-12

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