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Books fill the shelves, and daylight and small lamps warm a large wooden table in the reading area of the bookstore.

Bookstore and reading library in the Carriage Barn Visitor Center

Jim Westphalen

The Eastern National sales outlet at Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller NHP has been referred to as one of the finest conservation bookstores in the country. Books and items include:

  • More than 150 classic and contemporary conservation titles, from Walden and A Sand County Almanac to more modern works (see below for a complete list)
  • Postcards
  • Children's reading and activity books
  • Magnets, pins, and patches
  • Wooden bowls and pens

The wooden bowls and pens are hand crafted by local artisans using wood (beech, maple, butternut, among others) sustainably harvested from the park's forest. These products demonstrate craftsmanship and an association with stewardship, sustainable practices, and community traditions.

Two highly polished wooden bowls sit next to each other, one tipped so you can see the grain of the wood on its inside, the other flat on the glass surface.

Butternut wood crafted by Dustin Coates

NPS Photo

List of Titles and Items in Bookstore

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10 Favorites from our Bookstore

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We are happy to take phone orders.

Please call 802-457-3368 ext 22.

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