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Trail volunteers on Trail Stewardship Day 2012

Trail volunteers on Trail Stewardship Day 2012

Donna Taylor


The Woodstock Trails Partnership hosts two trail work days each year in the spring and fall, and sponsors several local trail events. To get involved in these activities or for more information about the Woodstock Trails Partnership contact:

Marissa Jager

SCA Trails Partnership Intern

802-457-3368 ext. 17


Did You Know?

Sunlight filters through white clouds and dark thunderheads to illuminate green-forested slopes and snow-covered mountains. NPS Photo.

Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller NHP has nearly 400 paintings and prints, including Hudson River School landscapes of places that are now national parks. You can see paintings by Thomas Cole, David Johnson, and Albert Bierstadt of features from Yosemite, Golden Gate, and Grand Teton.