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This is a selection of books and pamphlets on the histories of the Marsh, Billings, and Rockefeller families, the development of the American conservation movement, and the history of Vermont and Woodstock. Many of these books can be purchased through the Eastern National bookstore at Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historical Park.

Books about the Marsh, Billings and Rockefeller Families

George Perkins Marsh: Prophet of Conservation by David Lowenthal (University of Washington Press, 2000).

The Vermont Heritage of George Perkins Marsh by David Lowenthal (Woodstock Historical Society, 1960).

The World of George Perkins Marsh by Curtis et al. (The Woodstock Foundation, Inc., 1982).

Man and Nature by George Perkins Marsh, edited by David Lowenthal (University of Washington Press, 2003).

So Great a Vision; the Conservation Writings of George Perkins Marsh, edited by Stephen C. Trombulak (University Press of New England, 2001).

Frederick Billings; a Life, by Robin W. Winks (Oxford University Press, 1991).

Frederick Billings by Curtis et al. (The Woodstock Foundation, Inc., 1986).

Laurance S. Rockefeller: Catalyst for Conservation by Robin W. Winks (Island Press, 1997).

The Rockefeller Century by Harr and Johnson (Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1988).

Books about Vermont and Woodstock:

Hands on the Land by Jan Albers (Orton Family Foundation, 2000).

Reading the Mountains of Home by John Elder (Harvard University Press, 1998).

The History of Woodstock by Henry Swan Dana (The Woodstock Foundation, Inc., 1980).

The History of Woodstock 1890-1983 by Peter S. Jennison (The Woodstock Foundation, Inc., 1985).

Woodstock’s Heritage; a Brief History of the Shire Town by Peter S. Jennison (The Countryman Press, 1992).

Did You Know?

A group of 13 people sit in earnest conversation on the wicker chairs of a sunlit porch, vibrant green woods behind them. NPS Photo.

The NPS Conservation Study Institute, based at Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller NHP, works with national parks and partners to advance leadership and innovation, and in collaborative conservation for the stewardship of our national system of parks and special places. More...