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Fort Kent Railroad Station

Fort Kent Railroad Station

Fort Kent Railroad Station

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Open late June through mid-August - Tuesday through Friday, 12 - 4 p.m. or by appointment (call 207-834-5354).

Fort Kent Historical Society
P.O. Box 181
Fort Kent, Maine 04743

This former railroad station opened in 1902 as the northern terminus of the Fish River Railroad and was later used by the Bangor & Aroostook Railroad. The arrival of the railroad in Fort Kent provided the area with passenger and freight service. It marked the beginning of significant growth in the farming, lumbering, and business sectors of the community. Potatoes, hay, grain, shingles, pulpwood, and game were shipped over the railroad. The railroad remained in use until 1979.

The station is a one-story, frame building. Its gable-on-hip roof and wide overhanging eaves are typical features of other Bangor & Aroostook railroad stations. Five gardens surround the property and are maintained by “The Valley” Garden Club. This National Register building is owned by the Fort Kent Historical Society and houses a museum focusing on the history of the railroad in relation to Fort Kent, Maine.


Did You Know?

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In 1842 Lord Ashburton of Great Britain and Daniel Webster of the United States negotiated a treaty (known as the Webster-Ashburton Treaty) that established the St. John and St. Francis Rivers as the international boundary above Grand Falls.