• The Texas White House

    Lyndon B Johnson

    National Historical Park Texas



Commercial filming and photography permits are arranged on an individual basis, as are requests for any other special uses of the park. Contact the park for more information, 830-868-7128 ext. 260.

You will find listed below copies of the permit applications. You may fill out these forms in Adobe Acrobat before printing them. Or, if you prefer, you may print the forms first and fill them in manually. Please type or print clearly if you choose to fill in the forms manually.


Did You Know?

Pres Johnson confers with Gen. William Westmoreland, May 30, 1968

President Johnson flew home to his Texas ranch 74 times during his 5 years in office, living and working for 490 days—or about one-fourth of his presidency—at the Texas White House. Here he confers with Gen. William Westmoreland on May 30, 1968. Lyndon B. Johnson National Historical Park