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The Tetrahedron at the Ranch indicates wind direction

Tetrahedron (for Wind Direction)

The regional climate for the Texas Hill Country is classified as subtropical-subhumid. The mean annual temperature in the area is 18.7ºC and the mean annual rainfall is 30.2 cm. Precipitation maxima occur in spring and fall in response to frontal systems entering the region from the north that merge with unstable and moist air from the Gulf of Mexico.

The park maintains a weather station in the Johnson City District, where daily weather readings are manually collected. The Texas Forest Service maintains a weather station in the LBJ Ranch District. This collected data is used for fire weather forecasts.

Did You Know?

Statue of Liberty

More National Park Service sites were designated or expanded during the Johnson administration than during any other administration. LBJ traveled to only one--the Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island. Lyndon B. Johnson National Historical Park